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Halliday Wine Companion 2020

The James Halliday Wine Companion Awards are always a highly anticipated event on any Australian winery’s calendar. And at the 2020 awards we are proud to say that Quin Wines were named in ‘Ten of the Best Wineries’. We were also recognised as a Five Star Winery and had five of our wines featured in the Halliday 2020 Wine Companion.

We created Quin Wines with the vision of providing opportunities for self-discovery; about learning, creating and experimenting with different wine regions, styles, and techniques. And in the process, we discovered more about ourselves as winemakers and producers. This recognition from Halliday has reinforced our vision and we could not be more thrilled with the results.

James Halliday said, “The story of Quin Wines and of Andrew and Skye Quin has a feeling of something that was meant to be – it all happened so logically. Andrew and Skye met at high school in Melbourne, and travelled the world before settling in the Barossa Valley. Andrew’s journey started in his grandmother’s garden as a young boy, which inspired him to study viticulture and winemaking in Victoria, California and the Languedoc region. Back in Australia, a chance visit to Hentley Farm in 2008 led to his appointment as chief winemaker for the newly minted brand. It’s been forwards and upwards in quick succession.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020.

While both of us respect tradition and the historical art of winemaking, we are happy to push boundaries if it means we might find another way. We believe that wine, like life, is subjective – take from it what you will, but always respect other opinions, and James Halliday is one of those opinions whom we regard the highest. While we continue learning more about our style and our preferred methods every day, we are so proud of how far we’ve come and that our wine is so uniquely us.

Read what James Halliday had to say about our wines:
Barossa Valley Grenache 2017 – 97 Points
What a pity there’s only 90 dozen produced from a single vineyard planted in 1930. Hand-picked and divided into 2 parcels: one with whole bunches tipped directly into the open fermenter; the other with part whole bunch, part destemmed. The savoury whole-bunch influence is hard at work the second you taste the wine and remains the anchor. The miracle is the way the red fruits and pomegranate refuse to be silenced from making their contribution.

Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014 – 95 Points
As for the younger siblings of this wine, very limited production (150 dozen) makes the vinification difficult to understand – 10% whole bunch fermentation is the equivalent of 15 dozen bottles. Regardless, a hyper-intense wine with a strong earthy/savoury theme underlying dark, somber fruits. 22 months in used French oak is also part of the taste profile. The wine is left of centre but confidently so.

Eden Valley Shiraz 2017 – 94 Points
13 days on skins, matured for 10 months in oak. Full purple-crimson. Rich and velvety with dark cherry and satsuma plum fruit, ripe tannins, good finish.

Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 – 94 Points
From 3 blocks on the estate’s Cambourne Vineyard at Greenock; destemmed onto 10% whole bunches; only 150 dozen produced, making the vinification info provided difficult to understand, eg 10-30 days on skins. Regardless, a very powerful wine, black fruits it epicenter, circled by savoury/spicy flash points

Eden Valley Riesling 2017 – 90 Points

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