Christmas with the Quins

Christmas with the Quins

Chaos reigns on Christmas morning here at the Quin household as our three beautiful but crazily energetic children run screaming into our bedroom at the crack of dawn, shrieking with joy that Father Christmas has been… and so Christmas with the Quins begins!

Both our families come together to celebrate Christmas, a day filled with of lots of amazing food as each family brings something to share. While our yearly Christmas cook up consists of gingerbread men for the kids and a baked ham with pineapple glaze for us adults, the combination of food from the different families at dinnertime can range from roast turkey to a classic Aussie BBQ, and Christmas pudding to pavlova.

Every year the food we eat might be different, but the one thing that always stays the same is the Quin family tradition of fine wine to be enjoyed by our family. We will likely start with our Eden Valley Riesling, and no doubt finish the day with our Barossa Valley Shiraz, as we watch the kids tire from the overwhelming excitement of Christmas day.

While the chaos of Christmas with three young kids continues from the minute we wake up to when they pass out in the evening, we love sharing in their contagious levels of excitement.

It is on days like this that we love the role that our Quin wines play. We get to sit around, eating, chatting and watching our kids have fun, with a glass of great Quin wine in hand, sharing our passion project with our family.

We hope you all enjoy the chaos of Christmas this year too!


Andrew & Skye Quin


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