Christmas Blog 2020

Christmas Blog 2020

I don’t think we’re alone in saying that 2020 has been a year full of chaos, plenty of challenges and a stack of curveballs… The stock market crashed, Trump was voted out as president and life as we know it was flipped on its head when a global pandemic hit.

And while we’re pretty stoked to be putting 2020 behind us all, we can’t get our head around the fact that it is almost December – which means Christmas is practically here! So, bring on the 40°C+ days by the pool, Christmas parties, School holidays, day drinking, beach trips and daylight saving. All of which, we love doing with a glass of wine in hand!

Things get a little chaotic at the Quin household over Summer, juggling the kids running around, numerous functions and gearing up for Vintage. But even with all this craziness, it’s always a pretty special time of the year to spend as a family. Things have been quite different this year due to Covid, and we’re still hopefully that the borders might stay open so that we can spend our Christmas with our families from Victoria and Queensland.

Either way, with a bit extra time at home, it’s not surprise that a little more wine is consumed… So when it comes to our Summer sipping, our go-to quickly becomes our 2018 Eden Valley Riesling. It’s fresh, it’s zesty and goes hand-in-hand with this hot weather. With notes of fresh ginger, passionfruit and lime, its deliciously refreshing. Not to mention, it is also brilliantly balanced with the perfect ratio of acidity to sweetness.

We’re definitely bias, but this Eden Valley Riesling is delicious with or without the addition of food. But, if you’re looking for a little Christmas lunch inspo, then this Jamie Oliver’s Perfect Pork Belly & Crackling  comes highly recommended! Complete with caramelised veg and cider gravy, this “melt-in-your-mouth” juicy pork belly is guaranteed to be a winner… any day of the week.

So, as we gear up for the festive season ahead, we wanted to give you a little boost to celebrate the end of a rather interesting year. Enjoy a little Christmas gift from us with free shipping on all orders between now and Christmas. Just use the code XMAS2020 at checkout. 

And if you can’t decide which Quin Wine you want to pickup for yourself, then grab our special Mixed Pack, available online for a limited time: Mixed Pack – Quin Wines

Enjoy the chaos, and we hope you all have a Happy Christmas and safe New Years!

The Quins x


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